Whilst our face to face Scout meetings are suspended, we have launched the Great 2nd Onchan Corona Virus Lockdown Challenge. A set of 100 different tasks, challenges and skills for all ages which you should be able to complete at home. Many of these challenges link with badges and things we would cover at normal meetings so this is a great opportunity to continue to keep your Scouting active as well as work towards some badges.

All of these challenges are designed to be completed by all age groups, most can even be completed if your family is forced to self-isolate and will require no specialist equipment other than perhaps some means of access to the internet or a camera and a few bits and pieces most people should be able to find around the home. Google and YouTube are definitely your friends for a lot of these challenges.

Please make sure you take photos or videos and post them to our Facebook group so we can see what you are getting up t and to inspire others to join in.

If you complete 50 challenges and receive our Bronze Award, 60 for Silver, 70 for Gold and 80 for Platinum and a special prize!!

Download the challenge list below – good luck!