Like most good things it costs money to be a member of the Scout Association.

At 2nd Onchan we charge a Subscription Fee on a termly basis. Subs are due after the Christmas School Holidays, after the Easter School Holidays and after the Summer School Holidays, that’s three terms.

money22At present the Subs are £25.00 per term. If there is more than one child from the same family in the Group, then the first child pays £25.00 and any others pay a reduced fee of £20.00. Subscription Forms can be found on the Download Page.

Subs help to pay for the running of the Group. This includes the cost of running and maintaining the Scout Hall, including payment of Rates, Electricity, Heating Oil, Telephone, Property Insurance and Cleaning.

Out of the Subs we also have to pay a Capitation Fee to the Scout Association. This year (2014) it is over £28.00 per member of the Group and with over 150 members in the Group, that’s over £4,200.00 we have to pay. Capitation covers the cost of running the Scout Association and includes such things as Insurance, Leader Training etc.

Subs can now be paid by BACS, you can find further information on how to do this here.

On top of the Subs, activities, such as camps usually have a charge. Activities are run not to make a profit, but not to make loss either. If there is any surplus at the end of the activity, then the Leaders may use the extra to reduce the cost of another activity or it may go into Group funds to benefit all members of the Group.

The Group undertakes various fund raising activities during the year, such as our popular Bingo and Pig Race and Quiz Nights. We also have stalls at local fairs. Support from members and their families at these events is always appreciated.

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