Thursday Beavers Visit the Fire Station


Last week Thursday Beavers visited with Blue Watch at Douglas Fire Station. They had a fantastic time trying on fire protective jackets, trousers and boots – even though they were a little bit too big! The Beavers were shown some of the equipment the firemen use for rescuing people from cars. They also looked inside the different vehicles and listened to the sirens going off. The highlight for everyone, including our Beaver Leader Steve Karran, was having a turn with the water hoses!




RAF Pilot visits Thursday Beavers


Thursday Beavers have been working towards their Air Activities Badge. They have been busy making paper aeroplanes and learning some interesting facts about different aircraft. A favourite choice was the Concorde, followed closely by a Flybe Bombardier Dash 8. Last week we were very lucky to have an ex-RAF Pilot visit us. Tom use to fly an RAF fast-jet and was stationed all over the UK. Tom said one of his favourite things to do was to fly through the clouds – they called this ‘cloud busting’! The Beavers loved listening to his stories and they had lots of questions to ask too.


Paper Aeroplanes


Thursday Beavers are currently working on their Air Activities – Activity Badge. The Beavers have been learning about different aircraft and talking about their experiences of flying. At a recent imagemeeting the Beavers made paper aeroplanes. We held a competition to see who had the best paper aeroplane – some of our Leaders and helpers also took up the challenge but failed to qualify! Our champion paper aeroplane was piloted by Charlie M. Well done Charlie! Next week we are looking forward to a visit from an RAF Pilot who will talk to the Beavers about his experiences of flying.


Ambulance Service Visit Thursday Beavers


Thursday Beavers recently had a visit from the Ambulance Service. Paramedics – Sammie and Joanne, brought along Alistair the Ambulance and talked to the Beavers about what they do, showed them some of the medical instruments they have in their bags and also let them have a look inside the ambulance. The Beavers were very excited when the lights and sirens went off!






Does anyone recognise our new Leader at Thursday Beavers? He looks familiar and very, very smart!!

Beavers Christmas Party


Tuesday and Sunday Beaver Colonies joined forces on the 15. December 2011, to hold a joint Christmas Party at the Fun Barn, which is located just outside Onchan. The Beavers spent an hour in the barn, before enjoying a supper of sausage and chips followed by ice cream.imageimage

Sunday Beaver Scouts Dillon and Kieran made a presenation to their Beaver Scout Leader Marcie Dean, who was standing down from her role. All the Beavers gave Marcie a great big BRAVO. The Group thanks Marcie for everything she has done over her time with the Group.image

Thursday Beavers Update


Beaver Scouts need to learn about World Scouting as part of their Global Challenge Award. This week Steve Karran, our Beaver Scout Leader, showed the Beavers a Scout Thailand uniform which his son brought back when he went to Thailand in 2003 for the 20th World Scout Jamboree. There were an amazing 30,000 Scouts from all over the world attending the Jamboree. The Beavers were very keen to hear all about his adventures and to see some of the memorabilia he brought back.


This Christmas we say goodbye and good luck to two Beavers who are moving on to Cubs in the New Year. Joshua M. will join Manannan Cubs and Lewis L. will join Snaefell Cubs. We will miss them at Beavers, but we know they will enjoy making new friends and having lots of new adventures in Cubs.


This week three of our Beavers gained their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. This prestigious Award can only be achieved by Beavers who have completed all six of their Beaver Scout Challenge Awards (Promise, Friendship, Fitness, Creative, Global and Outdoor). It can take up to two years to complete these challenges and these Beavers have worked hard to make this happen, completing activities at home when necessary. So massive congratulations to Joshua M, Luke C and Thomas H.

Thursday Beavers at the Fudge Factory


Thursday Beavers have recently visited The Original Manx Fudge Factory in Ballasalla. There was much excitement, even before the trip began! The visit started with a demonstration of fudge making – the Christmas Fudge – which included almonds, cranberries and cinnamon as well as the sugar, cream, butter and condensed milk – I think! The Beavers were then invited to sample some of the different types of fudge produced in the factory – the parents and Leaders seemed to enjoy this part too! Favourites included the Belgian Dark Chocolate and the Manx Butter and Cream. We also tried some Manx Mint Cake which was particularly nice.

Once the tasting session had finished the Beavers were able to see chocolate lollies being made and everyone had their own lolly to take home. After some juice the Beavers went shopping and brought some boxes of fudge, bars of Mint Cake and some more Chocolate Lollies. We then headed back to the Scout Hall – luckily not to giddy on sugar!


Beavers Five-A-Side Football Competition


2nd Onchan Thursday Beavers recently took part in the Island Beaver Five-A-Side Football Competition. A total of nine teams entered, including two from 2nd Onchan Thursday Beavers. Each team played a total of eight matches – with each match lasting four minutes. It was a tiring but an enjoyable and exciting afternoon for the Beavers. Our A Team fought hard to win their games and finished in an admirable joint 4th position. Team B played very well too finishing a little further down the leader board. Lee was disappointed not to have reclaimed the Trophy this year, but we were all very proud of how well everyone played. Very well done to both teams.