Thursday Beavers – February 2017



A great visit to the Post Office – Sorting Office in the Springfield Valley Industrial Park. The Beavers were very excited to be shown round and learnt lots of new things about our letters and parcels, and how they get to sorted and eventually make their way to our letterboxes.



An exciting visit to the Police Headquarters this evening. The Beavers got to try on some of the hats and jackets, learnt about the radios, visited the cells, took fingerprints, tried handcuffs, and got the chance to look inside a police car and van. Thanks again to Rachel Kelly for organising this, and the Police Youth members for making us welcome.



Investitures are one of the best things about Scouting – particularly with Beavers – it is the start of hopefully, a great adventure. Our four new Beavers were very excited and they recited their Promise perfectly! They were then presented with their 2nd Onchan scarf, badges & Investiture Certificate. So a warm welcome & congratulations to Ned, Sam S, Fynlo and Sam C, we hope you enjoy your time in Thursday Beavers!

Thursday Beavers–Football Champions

We are really proud of both of our teams who worked hard and stayed focused, so well done – CM, Patrick, James, Sean & Vinnie – our new champions, and well done to Corben, Sam C, Jack, Evan & Fynlo!
Jack also found time and energy to win the penalty shootout competition, duly noted for next year!!

A big thank you to Rachel Kelly who helped us out with coaching, her traditional pre-final team talk and refereeing a number of games. Rachel has been a great help to 2nd Onchan Thursday Beavers over the last couple of years, and we hope she will continue to help us out from time to time – so as a ’thank you’ – we thought it would be nice to present Rachel with a 2nd Onchan Group scarf.

Thursday Beavers–December 2016


As we came to the end of another busy term, it was time to say goodbye to some of our older Beavers who were MOVING ON to CUBS. A small Ceremony was held for Rowan, Oliver and Bo. Rowan and Bo are joining Snaefell Pack (Wednesday) and Oliver is going to Manannan Pack (Monday). Rowan has completed 2 full years in Beavers and has been one of our most enthusiastic and giggly Beavers! Rowan was nominated for Most Enthusiastic Beaver in our Group Awards this year – a well deserved nomination. Oliver also bounded into Beavers, full of enthusiasm 18 months ago, and was also nominated for Most Enthusiastic Beaver in our Group Awards. He has grown into a helpful Beaver, setting a good example as a Lodge Leader. Bo has just completed a year at Beavers, and was nominated for the Best Beaver Award in our Group Awards. Bo has grown in confidence during his time at Beavers and sets a positive example to others with his good behaviour. It is always a sad time – these boys have come such a long way in Beavers, but it is also an exciting time as the Beavers continue their Scouting Adventure in Cubs.


We also had the pleasure this month of presenting a new Award – the Beaver Leader’s COMMENDATION MEDAL – to two of our Beavers. This is in recognition of the many positives these two young people have achieved during their time in Beavers. The Awards went to Joe and Sean. Joe – not only an enthusiastic and happy Beaver, but he decided to give up Beavers, shortly after his brother had moved on to Cubs. With a little bit of encouragement from Leaders and his parents, he came back and has just gone from strength to strength – and now he is a Lodge Leader. Good perseverance. Sean – another enthusiastic and happy Beaver. Always comes to meetings with a huge smile on his face. Sean has set an excellent example during Beaver Ceremonies week after week, and has just become Yellow Lodge Leader. An excellent role model. Well done both of you.


We finished the year with a joint CHRISTMAS PARTY with our friends at Tuesday Beavers!! A lovely evening, the Beaver all enjoyed themselves, as did the Leaders – and exceptionally tidy shoes – don’t think I have ever seen that before, but Rob was in charge of shoes!!


…….and a really LOVELY CARD to finish a really lovely year! Rob, Charlotte, Alex and I look forward to doing it all again in 2017!!


Thursday Beavers–November 2016


In November we pushed the boat out and had a NIGHT HIKE round the Conrhenny Plantation! Well done Rob for not letting me wimp out of the walk. The weather stayed dry and it wasn’t too muddy underfoot. Well done to all the Beavers and of course the parents who came along – we couldn’t have done it without your help. Everyone seemed to enjoy the walk and it was particularly lovely to see the lights of Douglas from the edge of the plantation.

We then had a great night celebrating 30 YEARS of BEAVER SCOUTS in our Colony – party games, party food, writing birthday cards to send to Beavers in the UK and Canada, and the birthday cake!!!




Thursday Beavers–October 2016


INVESTITURES are one of the best things about Scouting – particularly with Beavers – it is the start of hopefully, a great adventure. Our three new Beavers were very excited and very cool!! They recited their Promise perfectly and were presented with their 2nd Onchan scarf, badges & Investiture Certificate. So a warm welcome & congratulations to Mila, Louis & Jack, we hope you enjoy your time in Thursday Beavers!

imageWe also awarded two CHIEF SCOUT’S BRONZE AWARDS in October. This is the highest badge that can be achieved in Beavers. It can only be gained after Beavers have completed all six of their Challenge Badges – so it can take up to two years to complete all six! So massive congratulations to Patrick and Rowan for gaining their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award! This badge can also be worn on your Cub uniform!


We then held a HOP TU NAA – THEMED NIGHT. With Charlotte as Choir Leader, we started with a lovely rendition of one of the many versions of the Hop tu Naa song. It really was fantastic singing, learnt in such a short space of time! Then it was on to apple bobbing (always great fun) and we finished off with some spooky story telling by torchlight. Well done to Joe, Beaver of the Night, for his terrifying clown story!



We finished the half term with the ISLAND BEAVERS BIRTHDAY PARTY, to celebrate 30 years of Beaver Scouting!!! Thirteen Beavers from the Thursday Colony joined over a hundred other Beavers from around the Island and tried out a number of activities including; indoor skiing, paper plane making, hockey, an agility activity and a fun first aid centre! To finish off they had a giant game of Pass the Parcel which we seemed to do rather well at!! As they left each Beaver was presented with a special celebration cake and a 30th Birthday Woggle.


Thursday Beavers–September 2016


Thursday Beavers started the Autumn Term with a TREASURE HUNT in MOLLY QUIRK’S GLEN. It was a lovely evening and the Beavers all seemed to enjoy the walk. The following week our Group Scout Leader showed the Beavers how to tie some KNOTS. The Beavers learned three different knots and were sent home with a length of cord to practice with!!


Also in September, Thursday Beavers took part in the ISLAND BEAVERS THREE LEGS CHALLENGE. This ‘Leg’ of the Challenge went from Bradden School to Crosby, and took place on a Sunday morning. Well done to the ten Beavers who completed the Hike, along with one older brother and two parents!! Even though it’s not a race, it was good to see a contingent of Thursday Beavers finishing first!




Four of our Thursday Beavers had a fantastic time at Blackpool with their dads. Although it was a bit of an unsettled start on the boat and it poured with rain on our journey from Liverpool to Blackpool – it was dry when we arrived at the Pleasure Beach and the day just got better and better!

Well done to Patrick, Bo, Callum and Rowan. Thanks to Bo for sharing the Ghost Train with me – I was too scared to go on my own, and Patrick for sharing the big dipper with me (which I was told was actually a little dipper) – I don’t know I kept my eyes shut the whole time!

A great day out, and hopefully one that will be repeated in a couple of years – when all our current Beavers will be in Cubs!


What a good night on Douglas Beach!

The Beavers started with a sand race – a little more training for the forthcoming Sports Day!  Then they began working towards their Teamwork and Skills Challenge Badges – so in their Lodges they were tasked with creating a sandcastle or sand sculpture. Despite some rather wet sand – they all came up with some very creative ideas!  The evening finished with some gold digging – by far the most fun – and the lucky winner who found the gold envelope (buried in the sand) won a gold bar of chocolate!


Despite the promise of heavy rain, 14 Thursday Beavers arrived at Douglas Train Station, along with other Island Beavers for a Train Trip to Poulsom Park. There was much excitement as we located our carriages and set off on our journey.

We played games and shared some sweets on the journey down, the time passing really quickly. Unfortunately it was too wet for our picnic in the park, so we headed to Castletown Scout Group for our lunch and a couple of games – Bingo and Heads or Tails, followed by a sing song.

The before we knew it, it was time to head back to the train station and start out journey back to Douglas. More sweets and games on the journey home.  The Beavers were really well behaved, despite the constraints of the weather, and all seemed to have a really good time. So well done everyone – a great success!


Well done to the Beavers who turned out today for the Onchan Civic Sunday Parade & Service. All very well behaved, a bit fidgety in the Church, but it was quite a long Service! Thank you for your support. A special well done to our flag bearer Patrick – great job!


Champions SIX YEARS running!!

Massive congratulations and a huge thank you to all the Beavers who turned up for Sports Day (and to those who helped with the training, but couldn’t make it on the day) – Harry, Evan, Corben, Sean, Bo, Patrick, Oliver, Dylan, Samson, Ben, James, Callum, Joe and Rowan.  Special thanks to Dylan and Samson who both agreed to help Tuesday Beavers, as they were low in numbers. It also meant that the two boys got to take part in more events – so thank you for that – you are still part of this winning team!!  Thank you also to our amazing parents and siblings who turn up and support these events. You all get involved, cheering on, helping with the Beavers, getting drinks, supplying cakes (thank you Roberta – delicious), helping with biscuits and sweets (thanks Sam and Rosie) and offering to wash t shirts – to name but a few things – you really make our job easier and so much fun 🙂

It was a truly fantastic performance, each Beaver trying their absolute hardest!!  The pressure is over for another year – I am not sure I can cope!!


Thursday Beavers finished their year with some Fun in the Park – playing on the swings, the pirate ship and having a game of football!!  We had a little break for ice lollies and finished the evening with some donuts and muffins and juice (thank you Ben’s mum)!

We announced the new Lodge Winners – this is a trophy that the Lodge get to keep for the next term, and is awarded based on points gained for attendance, behaviour, helpfulness, uniform etc, over the previous term – so it is huge congratulations to YELLOW LODGE – Oliver, Sean, Evan, Harry and Samson – a lovely Lodge, prone to a bit of giddyness – but they have worked hard to improve over the term. WELL DONE 🙂


After two years in Beavers it was Callum & Ben’s last night, before moving to Cubs in September. Both boys will be joining Manannan Cubs (Monday).

Callum definitely hit the ground running at Beavers, along with his sidekick Fynn, but over the years he has developed some good behaviours, became a very good Lodge Leader and remained enthusiastic throughout. I don’t recall ever hearing Callum complain – he just seemed to get on with everything that was asked.

Not one for standing still, Ben has been enthusiastic and helpful throughout his time at Beavers. He has been a brilliant Lodge Leader and a good friend to everyone. A bit of a fidget during ceremonies, Ben suddenly turned a corner last year and managed a whole evening without a fidget! He was awarded the Beaver of the Night three weeks in a row for great behaviour – so really well done!

We will all miss you both, but wish you the very best in Manannan Cubs


It was a beautiful day as we celebrated Charlotte and Andrew’s wedding.  They both looked amazing, but Charlotte was the star of the day and looked stunning! A few younger members of the Group were invited along to form a Guard of Honour as the newly weds left the church. It was a very special moment – in a day of special moments! Thanks to James, our flag bearer, Patrick, Rowan and Ben for representing the Beaver Section on the day. Andrew and Charlotte were delighted to share their day with some of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers and I am sure will treasure these memories in years to come.

Congratulations to you both from the Thursday Beaver Colony!


Thursday Beavers April to May 2016



What a fantastic turnout from the Thursday Beavers for this year’s St George’s Day Parade, Service and Activities – which was held in Peel. Seventeen Thursday Beavers attended the Parade and Service today – 17!! That is a truly fantastic turnout – well done everyone. Really really pleased to see so many of you there – thank you.
Also it has to be said – very well done to Dylan for helping me with the Beaver Promise – you were much better than me, and I was glad to have your company up there. You did yourself, your family and 2nd Onchan proud. Also well done to Ben for helping to present the Manx Necker to the England Commissioner – great job.
Thanks to all the mums and dads and grandmas and granddads who turned up to support and help us.

We finished the afternoon with some sandcastle building on the beach – but the best of the weather had passed by then and it had started to get a bit chilly – so well done to all those who stayed – and thank you Rosie for the coffee! A most welcoming sight!


No matter how many years I have been involved in Scouting and Beavers at 2nd Onchan – Investitures are still my favourite thing! It is the beginning of an exciting Scouting adventure. Our 6 to 7 years old often arrive for their first meeting, slightly apprehensive (and some just bound through the door – you know who you are), but the minute they get their 2nd Onchan Necker – their confidence grows and the fun starts. There is no better thing in Scouting.
Congratulations to our five new Beavers who were invested on Thursday – James, Jack, Sam, Evan and Tyler. They have all settled in really well and are making new friends and having a good time. Thank you also for the fantastic turnout of parents who came along for the occasion – it was lovely to see you all and we look forward to getting to know you over the next two years.
The Beavers all remembered their Promise perfectly – and we had the added bonus of a couple of solo performances – so very well done to you all. This is just the start of your journey in Scouting, and you are now officially part of the World Scout Association, and part of the best Group on the Island!


imageA fantastic turnout today – 12 Thursday Beavers and 4 Leaders joined the walk from St John’s to Peel, along with 9 Parents and Grandparents and 3 sibling (2 of which were Cubs, also taking part in JOTT). Twenty eight representing 2nd Onchan Thursday Beavers – a pretty good turnout.
The walk forms part of the Beaver Three Legs Challenge – Oliver has now completed his third leg and will gain his Three Legs Challenge Badge (well done Oliver) – and also JOTT (Jamboree on the Trail) which is an annual walk made on the second Saturday of May every year, all over the World. There is a special JOTT badge awarded each year which can be worn at the bottom of the sweatshirt.
Well done to everyone taking part – some of us were a bit slower this time – enjoying the quiz and the lovely scenery along the walk!

Thursday Beavers: MOVING ON – THURSDAY 24 MARCH 2016


We finished our last evening of the term with a Moving On Ceremony for those Beavers who are due to join Cubs after Easter – Joseph, Juan, Sam, Samuel and Fynn. Sam is joining Snaefell Pack (Wednesday) and the other four boys are going to Manannan Pack (Monday). It is always a sad time – these boys have come such a long way in Beavers (and taught us a few things too), but it is also an exciting time as the Beavers continue their Scouting Adventure in Cubs. They will all have a fantastic time and we wish them all the very best.

As a Beaver Scout my work is done,
So look out Cub Scouts here I come.
Across the river now I swim,
Held by a rope to pull me in.
So help me Cub Scouts, help me do,
Pull me across to be with you.




Thursday Beavers finished the term with a Mad Hatters Easter Party and a game of Uni-Hockey. Beavers were asked to wear a hat for the occasion – it could be a favourite hat or one they specially made. There were 1st and 2nd prizes for the most creative hats, and our Group Scout Leader – Ash had the difficult job of deciding who the winners were. Well done to everyone – the hats were amazing!!! Well done to Samuel on winning best hat of the night, and Corben for a very worthy second place!