Snaefell Cubs at Ardwhallan


Sixteen Cubs and three Leaders from Snaefell Pack (with two Leaders from Manannan Pack) made their way out to Ardwhallan for a weekend camp over the 26th – 28th October 2012. 


The Cubs arrived at 19:30 on the Friday evening and after a quick briefing about the weekend, they were split into their rooms and allowed to familiarise themselves with the house.  Once everyone had settled in, we readied ourselves for a hike to St Luke’s Church to search for the letterbox at Cronk Keeill Abban and a spooky treasure hunt around the church yard.  Back at Ardwhallan we gathered around a campfire which had kindly been prepared in the Viking Longhouse by the Onchan Explorer Scout Leaders, whilst they were waiting for their Scouts to finish their night hike.  Amanda prepared the Cubs some of her famous hot chocolate (revered by our older Cubs after our last time at Ardwhallan) and biscuits.  We shared jokes and ghost stories around the camp fire, before the cubs headed off to bed.  Fortunately the walk must of tired them out and it wasn’t too long before they were fast asleep.


On Saturday morning the Cubs were up early, so after breakfast and room inspection we made a start on the activities that Ard Whallan had to offer.  Staying in their room groups the cubs rotated around three different bases: archery, the low ropes course and a selection of the various challenge bases located in the grounds of the house.  After lunch the Cubs were split into two groups as the fun continued with orienteering and backwoods cooking in the Viking Longhouse, followed by a solo and team run of the assault course that even a few of the leaders (Chris and Richard) were unable to escape from.  The Cubs had some free time before dinner that evening, which had been cooked by our Assistant Group Scout Leader, Steve White, who brought us some delicious spaghetti Bolognese.  We managed to sneak in a couple of wide games before the rain came and we had to head inside to dry off.  The Cubs then settled down in front of a movie with Amanda’s homemade chocolate cake, popcorn and hot chocolate. Everyone was asleep before their heads hit their pillows, which made for a very quiet night.


The clocks had gone back an hour over night, so everyone seemed glad of the extra hour and was wide awake on Sunday morning, but this was probably also helped by the smell of bacon and eggs wafting around the house.  Unfortunately, the rain had picked up during the night and it was pouring down in the morning, but this didn’t dampen our enthusiasm as we headed outside to take on the assault course for a second time.  Carrying cups full of water, the Cubs did well to negotiate the assault course, however not many were able to return with any water left.  The Cubs then went back inside to dry off, warm up and pack up their belongings before lunch.  After lunch we had a camp debrief, prizes and feedback from the camp.  They were then treated to another of Amanda’s homemade delicacies, cake-pops, before being picked up at 14:00.

A massive thanks to all the leaders who helped make the weekend: Amanda, Andrew, Richard and Mark.

Chris Faragher CSL

Cubs Three Legs Challenge


On Sunday 21. October 2012, Manannan & Snaefell Cub Scouts joined forces and took part in the first leg of the Three Legs Challenge.  We all met at Glen Maye at 10.30am on a glorious sunny Sunday morning.  There was a good turnout from both Packs, the route took us along the Raad Ny Foillan towards Peel, the path was quite muddy towards the end with a couple of the Cubs nearly getting stuck in the mud and one Leader nearly losing one of their hiking boots.  We stopped for lunch at Fenella Beach, which was a well deserved break for everyone.  We then followed the Heritage Way footpath to St John’s where we finished just after 3pm, well done to all those Cubs who completed this rather challenging and difficult walk.  We could have not asked for better weather for this days hike which made the day more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Snaefell Cubs Navigators


Over the past couple of weeks the Cubs at Snaefell Cub Pack have been working towards their Navigator Activity Badge. They have been doing a number of activities from learning about grid references and map symbols to drawing maps and even planning their own hike.

imageTwo weeks ago the Cubs were split into two groups and given a map each and a number of checkpoints. They had to locate the checkpoints on the map and then plan and organise a hike from the Scout Hall via the various points to Port Jack Chippy. One group planned to walk through Groudle Glen and then around King Edward bay, the other group with different points walked up and through Birch & Governors Hill before coming up past the Horse Tram station.

All the Cubs finished at the chippy just in time. Baloo’s group won and if only Alex had run then perhaps his and Akela’s group might have got there quicker. The Cubs then tucked into a Chippy Tea. All the Cubs who attended the various meetings and completed all the different components will now be awarded their Navigator Activity Badge.

Island Cub Scout Camp

Over the 15th, 16th and 17th of June Island Cub Camp was held at St John’s Football Club. Over 150 Cubs from all Packs over the Island were due to attend the event. Unfortunately the weather over the week had been poor and on Friday it continued to rain heavily. A decision was made by the organisers to postpone the start of the camp and Cubs were told to stay at home that night and come along to the campsite early Saturday. A couple of the Leaders braved the weather and watched the England match in the clubhouse with a takeaway.

On the Saturday morning the Cubs arrived and dropped their bags off in the clubs changing rooms before bacon baps and a briefing for the weekend. After this they were assigned to their groups and leaders before beginning the wet weather plan activities. Over the course of the day the Cubs did a number of activities including sumo wrestling, key ring making, zumba fitness and skipping and a couple of Olympic themed activities including javelin and discus making. That evening the Cubs all gathered in the Marquee to present their work and food from the different countries that they had been assigned. The Cubs were able to taste foods from a number of different countries, all who will be participating in this years Olympics. Whilst the Leaders cleaned up, the Cubs had some free time before we moved to the Camp fire. We were very lucky to have Justin Cowan with us who organised and ran a fantastic camp fire with the help of the explorers from all around the Island. After this the Cubs were very tired and went to get some supper before heading off to bed.

On Sunday morning the weather improved and the sun began to shine through the clouds and for a while is was quite warm. The Cubs were up early, as expected, and after breakfast had to tidy all their belonging away for tent inspection. Once all the tents were inspected we began the task of taking them down and packing them away. Luckily they had all dried out by this stage. 2nd Onchan were the fastest and most efficient of all groups in taking down their tents, not that we were racing. And once all the tents were packed away we began a treasure hunt around the camp. Before lunch an all Island 5 a side Olympic football competition was organised. 2nd Onchan had two football teams and both did incredibly well. After a picnic style lunch the Cubs gathered around the Olympic rings for Scouts Own. Once the Cubs had reflected on the weekend it was time to announce the results. In the football competition 2nd Onchan came joint first. Snaefell and Manannan were equal winners. Before being collected all the Cubs were presented with a special Cub Olympics Medal and a certificate.

Despite the weather the weekend was a fantastic success and the organisers would like to thank all the leaders and explorers for their help and organisation and especially the cubs for being so well behaved.

A slide show of pictures from the weekend can be viewed here:

Cub Scouts Movie Night


On Saturday night, Manannan Cubs and Snaefell Cubs joined forces, in total we had forty Cubs, six Leaders, one Explorer Scout & one dog. Everyone met at Grooudle Beach Car Park where we walked through the very muddy glen right the way through up to Molly Quirks Glen.  At Molly Quirks Glen we held a couple of wide games before returning back to the Scout Hall.  Once at the Scout Hall everyone cleaned themselves up and we watched a couple of films on the big screen.  The last two Cubs were asleep by 3am, everyone was up bright and early. Once Akela from Snaefell & Akela from Manannan Cub Pack were up, we packed the gear away and had breakfast.  After breakfast we watched a bit of the Simpsons before playing in the park.  All Cubs and Leaders had a brilliant time and all had smiles on their faces when they left.  Let’s look forward to the next joint film night with both Packs.