Manannan Pack Hike & Camp


On Saturday 26. January,the Manannan Pack were supposed to be doing a letterbox hike around the area of Snaefell, unfortunately this could not happen due to the mountain road being closed due to the Snow.  Instead we all met at the Creg Ny Baa and walked down the footpath towards the reservoir, it was a nice pleasant walk and was just starting to rain when we arrived at the reservoir.  We were going to do a treasure hunt but as it was raining we decided to carry on walking and make our way to the Scout Hall.  Once at the Scout hall we played a couple of games before we had a chippy dinner, after dinner we then played some more games before watching a couple of films before going to bed.  The next morning was a very early start with everyone awake by round 07:00, we had breakfast and finished the short weekend by playing a a few final games before everyone went home.

Manannan Cubs at Ardwhallan


Over the weekend 16. – 18. November 2012, the Manannan Cubs along with the Leaders invaded Ardwhallan for a weekend of adventure and awesomeness.  On Friday night we all met at Ardwhallan and after a brief talk, telling the Cubs what groups and rooms that they would be in and unpacking our bags it was time for the first activity.  We all walked up to St Luke’s Church where we did a graveyard quiz and the Cubs had to answer the six questions correctly.  Only one group managed to answer five questions.  As it was getting late, we headed back to Ardwhallan, where we played a couple of Man Hunt games, we finished the evening with hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows around the open fire in the Viking Longhouse.  Shortly after this it was time for the Cubs to go to bed, it did take longer than usual for the Cubs to fall asleep with the last couple of Cubs finally getting to sleep around 4am. 

imageAround 7.30am it was still quiet, most of the Cubs were still asleep as were a couple of the Leaders, it didn’t take too long before everyone was up and having breakfast. After Inspection we split into three Groups, and did some Archery, Low Ropes & Challenge Bases.  It was then time for lunch which went down very well by all the Cubs and Leaders, after lunch we split into two  groups and did some orienteering and backwoods cooking, followed by some races on the assault course and there were some pretty impressive times for some of the Cubs.  We then decided to stay in for the rest of the night, the Cubs watched the Simpsons while we cooked some dinner, after dinner the Cubs watched a couple of movies before heading to bed.  All Cubs were asleep by 11pm (yay) followed by Leaders going to bed soon after.

imageSunday Morning and the Sun was already out, the Cubs woke up to the smell of bacon baps, and Akela giving the Cubs a wakeup call too.  The bacon baps went down very well and everyone really enjoyed them.  We decided to go for a nice gentle walk and as it was a lovely day, we decided to go up Snaefell, it didn’t take long at all, only took about 40 Minutes to get the top, we took a couple of photos before we headed back down again.  Once back at Ardwhallan we had hot chocolate and marshmallows, once everyone had their energy back, the Cubs worked in there groups and navigated their way around the Assault Course backwoods & they all did very well and showed good teamwork.  It was then time for lunch, & to pack all the kit and gear away, it was a record for our Cub Camp as we only have 2 bits of lost property left over.    The Ardwhallan Camp was another great success, due to the brilliant weather we had (it didn’t rain) and the fact all the Cubs were well behaved.  A massive thanks to all the Leaders who helped over the weekend, I couldn’t off done it without you: Rob, Mark, Charlotte and Richard.

Andrew CSL


Cubs Three Legs Challenge


On Sunday 21. October 2012, Manannan & Snaefell Cub Scouts joined forces and took part in the first leg of the Three Legs Challenge.  We all met at Glen Maye at 10.30am on a glorious sunny Sunday morning.  There was a good turnout from both Packs, the route took us along the Raad Ny Foillan towards Peel, the path was quite muddy towards the end with a couple of the Cubs nearly getting stuck in the mud and one Leader nearly losing one of their hiking boots.  We stopped for lunch at Fenella Beach, which was a well deserved break for everyone.  We then followed the Heritage Way footpath to St John’s where we finished just after 3pm, well done to all those Cubs who completed this rather challenging and difficult walk.  We could have not asked for better weather for this days hike which made the day more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Manannan Pack Invest New Members


On Monday 15. October 2012, we invested the new members into the Manannan Cub Pack, they all did very well and all remembered their Promise & Law.  We also handed out Chief Scout Challenge Silver Badges & Certificates to five Cubs (Harry, Alex, Conor, Ethan, Joseph).  Well done to all those Cubs for their hard work throughout the last couple of years.


Manannan Pack Win Football Tournament


Manannan Cubs entered two teams into the Island Cub Five-a-Side Football Competition this year,  with the event being held at Laxey AFC.  Both teams started really well, with the teams  beating all their opponents in the group stages. Having done this we progressed to the Quarter Finals, again both of the teams did really well and beat the other teams with ease.  We then made it through to the next round, however we met each other (surprisingly) in the Semi – Finals.  Both teams played fantastically against each other with the final score being 2-1 to the B team who made it through to the final.  Unfortunately the A team lost, but then played in the play offs beating the 1st Arbory Cubs.  Well done to the A team for coming 3rd.

The final was against 1st Rushen Cubs, both Packs played really well, but simply the Manannan Cubs were too good and they all played with class and skill and beat the Rushen Cubs 4-0.  We have now won the trophy for a second year in the row.  A huge congrats must go to all the Manannan Cubs for their huge effort, and all the leaders were thrilled to have the Barry Kelly trophy back in the 2nd Onchan Trophy Cabinet.


Island Cub Scout Camp

Over the 15th, 16th and 17th of June Island Cub Camp was held at St John’s Football Club. Over 150 Cubs from all Packs over the Island were due to attend the event. Unfortunately the weather over the week had been poor and on Friday it continued to rain heavily. A decision was made by the organisers to postpone the start of the camp and Cubs were told to stay at home that night and come along to the campsite early Saturday. A couple of the Leaders braved the weather and watched the England match in the clubhouse with a takeaway.

On the Saturday morning the Cubs arrived and dropped their bags off in the clubs changing rooms before bacon baps and a briefing for the weekend. After this they were assigned to their groups and leaders before beginning the wet weather plan activities. Over the course of the day the Cubs did a number of activities including sumo wrestling, key ring making, zumba fitness and skipping and a couple of Olympic themed activities including javelin and discus making. That evening the Cubs all gathered in the Marquee to present their work and food from the different countries that they had been assigned. The Cubs were able to taste foods from a number of different countries, all who will be participating in this years Olympics. Whilst the Leaders cleaned up, the Cubs had some free time before we moved to the Camp fire. We were very lucky to have Justin Cowan with us who organised and ran a fantastic camp fire with the help of the explorers from all around the Island. After this the Cubs were very tired and went to get some supper before heading off to bed.

On Sunday morning the weather improved and the sun began to shine through the clouds and for a while is was quite warm. The Cubs were up early, as expected, and after breakfast had to tidy all their belonging away for tent inspection. Once all the tents were inspected we began the task of taking them down and packing them away. Luckily they had all dried out by this stage. 2nd Onchan were the fastest and most efficient of all groups in taking down their tents, not that we were racing. And once all the tents were packed away we began a treasure hunt around the camp. Before lunch an all Island 5 a side Olympic football competition was organised. 2nd Onchan had two football teams and both did incredibly well. After a picnic style lunch the Cubs gathered around the Olympic rings for Scouts Own. Once the Cubs had reflected on the weekend it was time to announce the results. In the football competition 2nd Onchan came joint first. Snaefell and Manannan were equal winners. Before being collected all the Cubs were presented with a special Cub Olympics Medal and a certificate.

Despite the weather the weekend was a fantastic success and the organisers would like to thank all the leaders and explorers for their help and organisation and especially the cubs for being so well behaved.

A slide show of pictures from the weekend can be viewed here:

Manannan Cubs Malew Camp


Over the weekend 25. – 27. May 2012, sixteen Cubs, four Leaders and one young Leader attended the Cub Camp based at Malew Scout Hall.  We all met on a glorious, sunny Friday evening at the Scout Hall, we all then hiked to Poulsom Park, where we then played a game off Danish Long Ball followed by a game of football.  It was getting late so we all then hiked back to the Scout Hall where we had supper and watched a short film.  It was then time for bed, after about an hour all Cubs & Leaders were fast asleep. 

Saturday morning and at 7.30am there was no noise from the Cubs who were all still fast asleep, they didn’t stay asleep for too long as the sound of banging pans soon woke the Cubs up, after inspection and breakfast we travelled to the Venture Centre where eight Cubs went Abseiling at the Venture Centre while eight Cubs went kayaking on the Mooragh Lake.  We all met for lunch then swapped around so all Cubs had the chance to take part in all activities.  As we all had a really good day and it was pretty warm, everyone was treated to an Ice-Cream which went down very well indeed.  Before we had our chippy tea we played Danish Long Ball on the rugby field in Ramsey.  Saturday evening we spent watching a couple of films before everyone fell asleep before Midnight.


Sunday morning and again all Cubs were fast asleep, so were woken by the noise of banging pans, we had our breakfast outside again, then we travelled by bus to Port Erin beach where we swam in the sea, played football, French cricket and Danish Long Ball.  We had our lunch on the beach, and then got the bus back to the Scout Hall, where we all had a chat about the weekend and gave out prizes for the camp.image

The Cub Camp was a great weekend, which was helped by the lovely weather we had all weekend. All the Cubs left the Cub Camp on Sunday with smiles on their faces and gave us lots of positive comments.

Police Dogs Visit the Cubs


At Cubs on Monday, Police Constable Daugherty, along with his two police dogs came to visit the Manannan Cub Scouts. PC Daugherty, gave the Cubs lots of useful information of what the police get up to. Towards the end the Cubs were given the task to find hidden objects around the Scout Hall, they weren’t found so Bella the police dog showed us where the objects were. Thanks go out to PC Daugherty, this now completes the Cub Scouts Community Challenge Award.

Manannan Cubs at Eary Cushlin


Over the weekend 9th – 11th March 2012, 16 Cubs from the Manannan Cub Pack along with Leaders and Young Leaders and 1 dog attended Eary Cushlin. We all met at Eary Cushlin on Friday night and after a very brief talk, we hiked up Cronk Ny Arrey Laa, unfortunately once we reached the summit it was very misty and we couldn’t see much. We stopped for a drink before walking back down to Eary Cushlin. Once we arrived back at Eary Cushlin, we had supper and played a few games in the lounge before settling for the night.

Saturday morning was a very early start for all Cubs & Leaders, after breakfast the Cubs were given free time before we headed to Ramsey to play bowling, all Cubs enjoyed the bowling alley with some very good scores from the Cubs and Leaders. We had lunch in Mooragh Park, and played in the park. We then headed to Ballakermeen High School swimming pool where we did some kayak training, played water polo, held swimming races and used some of the equipment at the pool. We were at the pool for over 2 hours which surely would tire the Cubs out (not really). After everyone was showered, we headed back to Eary Cushlin for dinner. Dinner went down very well and all the Cubs appeared to enjoy it. As it was a lovely evening we spent the next hour playing Wide Games, where Cubs had to find Leaders and finished with a traditional game of Kick the Bottle. It was time for Supper and a movie, a few of the Cubs fell asleep during the movie and after it had finished all Cubs went to bed.

The traditional lie in on a Sunday morning was again forgotten about and all Cubs were up and awake by 7am, much to the leaders delight. Inspection was held before breakfast and all the rooms appeared to be tidy and clean, after we had breakfast, we did some Bivouac Building in the nearby plantation followed by a treasure hunt around the grounds of Eary Cushlin. After lunch we packed all the gear away and played Danish Longball before heading home. A very good camp and all those who went had a fantastic time, see you next year Eary Cushlin.



imageThursday Beavers increased their numbers in January from 20 to 25 – this meant we were able to take on six new boys from an ever popular waiting list. Cameron S. who has a brother in Manannan Cubs, moved from 5th Douglas. As Cameron was already invested we presented him with his new 2nd Onchan scarf and the 2nd Onchan name tag. We then invested four of our new starters – Ryan C., Reece L., Dylan T. & Oscar L. The boys were very excited and looking forward to getting their badges and scarves. Lee was delighted to be able to perform the Investiture Ceremonies – now he can be found sporting a smart new uniform! Welcome to all the new starters – we hope you enjoy your time with Thursday Beavers and 2nd Onchan Scout Group. We still have one more new starter – Evan W. to invest after the half-term holiday.