Beaver Sports Day

imageOn Sunday 14. July 2014, Thursday and Tuesday Beavers took part in the Island Beaver Sports Day at Gymn’s FC. Conditions were good and the sun shone. Seven Beaver Colonies took part in the Sports Day, and events included running races, egg and spoon races, sack races, skipping races, ball and cup races and space hopper races. There were also two relay events, the running relay and the infamous water relay.

imageThursday Beavers were the current Champions and holders of the Sports Day Trophy. We had a good turnout of fourteen boys, only five of whom had competed last year. We also undertook the usual two weeks of training prior to the event! Last year we won in considerable style with over 100 points between first and second places. This year the competition was much tighter and it was difficult to split Tuesday and Thursday Beavers throughout the competition.

imageimageWe are delighted that Thursday managed to pip Tuesday Beavers and win the Trophy for yet another year. There was less than 10 points in it!

Congratulations and well done to all those who took part. You tried hard and you had fun – and best of all you won! So very well done to Harry, Ryan, Alex, Oscar N, Fergus, Jacob, Sam, Samuel, Stephen, Thomas, Juan, Joseph, Jack & Oscar W!


Thursday Beavers Have Fun Orienteering


imageOn Sunday 15. June 2014, twelve boys from Thursday Beavers took part in the Island Beaver Fun Orienteering Event. It was a sunny, hot morning when all the Beavers met at the 2nd Onchan Scout Hall. From there they headed down to Molly Quirk’s Glen. Ten clues were located around the Glen, which the Beavers had to find and answer. Once they had found all the answers, they then had to take the first letter of each, and re-arrange them into part of the Beaver Scout Promise – KIND and HELPFUL.

The Beavers then made their way back to the Scout Hall for some well earned juice and biscuits. Well done to all the Beavers taking part and many thanks to the Leaders who organised and prepared the Course.


Karate & Sleepover Certificates for Beaver Scouts


imageLast week Thursday Beavers had a visit from two of the Island’s youngest Shotokan Karate Black Belts. Robert and Patrik showed the Beavers some of their moves, starting with Kihon Kata – which is the first Kata they learn as they progress from white belt to orange belt. They also impressed the Beavers with their black belt Kata – Bassai Dai. Then it was the turn of the Beavers to try some moves. They all did really well!

We also presented Certificates to two of the Beavers who won the ‘Best Beaver at our Sleepover’ – which we held at the beginning of the month. In fact, all the Beavers were really well behaved and had a great time, but Jacob and Harry just listened a bit more, got on with what they were asked to do and settled down nicely to sleep – so very well done Jacob and Harry!

Beavers Sleepover


Hard to believe it has been 18 months since our last Sleepover/Movie Night. Time flies! Nine Thursday Beavers and 15 Tuesday Beavers met on Friday night for a Sleepover / Movie Night at the Scout Hall. The Beavers were very, very excited, and for many it was their first night away from home.

image We started the evening with some games followed by juice and biscuits. Then it was time to get ready for the movie! We just about managed to fit 24 Beavers along two sides of the hall, so they all had a good view of the film. Once they were in their PJs, the snacks came out and the movie started – Disney’s Robin Hood. There were numerous visits to the kitchen for juice and hot chocolate, followed by numerous visits to the bathroom! At 11pm it was time for bed – it was a long film! After about half an hour most of the Beavers began to settle down and some were even asleep! I think it was sometime after midnight when the last Beaver fell asleep and the constant rustling of bedding and clicking of torches subsided. There are different versions of how much sleep was had by all, but most of the Beavers, and unfortunately the Leaders, began to stir about 6am.

The evening seemed to be a resounding success, as everyone was happy to come back again another time (except the Leaders) – funny that! Thanks to all the Leaders and special thanks to Aaron and Ellen for your help too. Thanks also to Phoenix Scouts for letting us use the hall on their Troop Night.

image Very well done to ALL the Beavers who took part in the Sleepover / Movie Night. We usually like to nominate a ‘Beaver of the Sleepover’ – someone who was well behaved (which was everyone) and someone who got themselves organised for bed and settled down quickly to sleep. Tuesday Beavers will announce their Beaver at their next meeting, but for Thursday Beavers there were two Beavers who stood out – Harry J and Jacob H. Well done boys.

This was also a Fundraising Event for the Jamboree 2015 and we think we may have raised £75 towards the fund.



imageThis year the Island Beavers have been challenged to a Sunflower Competition. Each Beaver is to grow a Sunflower and have their photo taken next to their Sunflower to earn a certificate. There will be a trophy awarded to the Beaver in each Colony whose Sunflower is the tallest.

Last week Finley’s Granddad came along to our Beaver Meeting with Sunflower seeds, pots, compost and instructions, and helped the Beavers to plant their seeds. The Beavers took their seeds home with a set of instructions about how to look after them while they grow. Many thanks to Kevin – Finley’s Granddad and good luck to the Beavers.

Beavers Ten Pin Bowling

imageOver the weekend, 11 of the Island’s Beaver Colonies took part in a Ten Pin Bowling Competition at Sure Strike Bowling & Leisure Centre in Ramsey. There were individual trophies for the Best Beaver – Under 7 (which went to Laxey) and the Best Beaver 7 & Over which went to William C. of 2nd Onchan Tuesday Beavers. There was also a Colony trophy for the highest average score per Colony – which also went to Laxey.

Eleven Thursday Beavers and 15 Tuesday Beavers took part in the competition. The boys did brilliantly and really enjoyed themselves. William C from Tuesday won the 7 & Over – Well Done! Ben B from Thursday came 3rd in the same category. George from Tuesday was 7th in the 7 & Under age group, and Finley M from Thursday came 6th – well done boys!

Thursday Beavers were piped into 3rd place in the overall scores, with Tuesday coming a very respectable 7th. Well done to everyone who took part.

Beavers Healthy Picnic


Last week Thursday Beavers each brought a Healthy Picnic to their Beaver Meeting, as part of their Outdoor Challenge and Healthy Eating Activity Badge. We talked about the healthy food imagethat they had in their picnic – which included fruit and brown bread sandwiches and we even had some broccoli. Beavers were also allowed to bring a treat, so we also talked about different sorts of unhealthy food and the importance of limiting food containing lots of sugar and salt.

Beavers Three Legs Challenge


Last weekend, Tuesday and Thursday Beavers completed the 2nd leg of the Three Legs Challenge 2014. Seven Beavers from each Colony joined other Beavers from the Island for the walk from St John’s to Crosby along the Heritage Trail. The path was wet and very muddy in places, but the sun came out as the walk got underway.

The Beavers – along with mums and dads, grandmas and granddads, brothers and sisters and dogs – walked the route in about an hour and a half. A great effort – well done!

Four Beavers from the Thursday Colony have now completed all three legs of the 2013/14 Challenge – so very well done to Ryan E., Stephen H., Oscar N. and Dylan T. who have gained their 3 Legs Challenge Badge.

15 Years Service


Beaver Scout Leader Steve Karran, was presented with his 15 Years Service Award last week by the Island Commissioner Guy Thompson, who was helped out by one of our Beaver Scouts.

The Group congratulations Steve on his long service and long may it continue.

Beavers Visit the Fudge Factory


Tuesday & Thursday Beavers recently visited The Original Manx Fudge Factory in Ballasalla. The visit started with a demonstration of fudge making – the Cream & Butter Fudge – which involved combining different ingredients such as sugar, cream, butter, glucose and condensed milk. The Beavers were then invited to sample some of the different types of fudge imageproduced in the factory – the parents and Leaders seemed to really enjoy this part too! Favourites included the Belgian Dark Chocolate, Lemon Meringue Pie and the Manx Butter and Cream. We also tried some Manx Mint Cake which was particularly nice.

Once the tasting session had finished the Beavers were able ‘go’ shopping and they brought some boxes of fudge, bars of Mint Cake and some Chocolate bars. The Beavers then headed home – perhaps a little giddy on sugar!