Subs Increase

From the 1. January 2019, we will be increasing Subscriptions to £28.00 per term for all youth members, this is the first increase we have made in over five years. Out of the £84.00 per member this will bring in over the year, we have to pay over £35.00 to the Scout Association, to cover things such as Insurance, training for Leaders and the running of the Association.

From the 2019 Summer Term, we are hoping to introduce a new way for Subs to be paid, this will automate the process both for the Scout Group and for yourself. Termly Invoices will be sent out by email by our Online Scout Management Software and you will have the option of setting up automatic payments. Further information on this will be sent out next year.

Scouting is open to all and if you are struggling to pay your child’s Subscription, please talk to your Section Leader in confidence.

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