Phoenix at Watertrough

Scouts and Leaders from the Phoenix Troop spent two nights at Watertrough Cottage over the 23. – 25. May 2014. After settling in the Scouts gathered wood for the stove and were shown how to use an axe properly. After that it was a hike around South Barrule Plantation, before we held a wide game around the cottage. After Supper it was time for bed and the Scouts were all quiet just past midnight.

On Saturday morning everyone was up pretty early and after breakfast and kit inspection, we spent 2 1/2 hours running round the plantation doing Laser-Mayhem, which was great fun. After lunch it was across the road for another 2 1/2 hours this time on Ape-Mann. Everyone managed to go around both the low and high level courses.

After tea of burgers and hot dogs, the Scouts spent a bit of time building bivouacs and preparing a fire pit for a camp fire, the rain however soon put a stop to this. Luckily it cleared after a couple of hours and we were able to sit around the camp fire for an hour or two. It was a long day and the Scouts were all fast asleep by eleven.

On Sunday morning after breakfast, kit was packed away and the cottage was given a good tidy before we all headed off home.

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