On Saturday 26. January,the Manannan Pack were supposed to be doing a letterbox hike around the area of Snaefell, unfortunately this could not happen due to the mountain road being closed due to the Snow.  Instead we all met at the Creg Ny Baa and walked down the footpath towards the reservoir, it was a nice pleasant walk and was just starting to rain when we arrived at the reservoir.  We were going to do a treasure hunt but as it was raining we decided to carry on walking and make our way to the Scout Hall.  Once at the Scout hall we played a couple of games before we had a chippy dinner, after dinner we then played some more games before watching a couple of films before going to bed.  The next morning was a very early start with everyone awake by round 07:00, we had breakfast and finished the short weekend by playing a a few final games before everyone went home.