Manannan Pack Day Hike


On Sunday 13. May 2012, the Manannan Pack along with their Leaders took part in a eight mile day hike from Derbyhaven to imagePort Soderick.  We all met at 10.30 at the flying club where we followed the Raad Ny Foillan footpath, we stopped a couple of times along the way for drinks and refreshments, our first official stop was the beach at Port Solderick, after a brief break, we carried along on the footpath towards Port Grennaugh where we had our lunch at around 12.30.  After a play on the beach and an explore in the caves, we carried on with the walk onto Port Soderick.  We finished at Port Soderick at 3.45 a little later than planned but nevertheless we all made it. The weather stayed dry for us, although a little windy it didn’t prevent us from hiking.  Thanks to all those who showed up and this walk goes towards the hikes away badge.


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