Karate & Sleepover Certificates for Beaver Scouts


imageLast week Thursday Beavers had a visit from two of the Island’s youngest Shotokan Karate Black Belts. Robert and Patrik showed the Beavers some of their moves, starting with Kihon Kata – which is the first Kata they learn as they progress from white belt to orange belt. They also impressed the Beavers with their black belt Kata – Bassai Dai. Then it was the turn of the Beavers to try some moves. They all did really well!

We also presented Certificates to two of the Beavers who won the ‘Best Beaver at our Sleepover’ – which we held at the beginning of the month. In fact, all the Beavers were really well behaved and had a great time, but Jacob and Harry just listened a bit more, got on with what they were asked to do and settled down nicely to sleep – so very well done Jacob and Harry!

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