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The following Sections are available in Onchan:

  • Beaver Scouts: Boys & Girls aged 6 to 8. 
  • Cub Scouts: Boys & Girls aged 8 to 10½.
  • Scouts: Boys & Girls aged 10 to 14.
  • Explorer Scouts: Young Men & Women aged 14 to 18.

Please note: At present we have a long waiting list for Beaver Scouts, so can only accept names onto the waiting list from those who live within our catchment area of the District of Onchan or if they attend Onchan or Ashley Hill Primary Schools. Cubs and Scouts may be able to take new members onto the waiting list from outside our catchment area.

We do not take anyone onto our waiting list under the age of five.

We accept new members as follows:

  • Boys & girls who move into the area who are already members of the Scout Association.
  • Boys & girls whose parents are Leaders/Helpers in the Scout Group, or whose parents take an active role on the Group Executive Committee.
  • Younger brothers or sisters of Beavers, Cubs or Scouts.
  • Any other boys & girls of the appropriate age, in order of date of their entry to the waiting list and that they live within the Group’s catchment area of the Onchan District or that they attend either Ashley Hill or Onchan Primary Schools.

By going onto the waiting list we can’t guarantee a place will become available.

After applying, please remember to check your spam / junk mail for replies and correspondence from 2nd Onchan Scout Group

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