A busy weekend for 2nd Onchan Cubs


This weekend Cubs from both Packs were kept very busy. On Saturday some Cubs along with some Leaders were in Onchan Shoprite bag packing to help raise funds for island Cub events. They raised £400 throughout the day. The Cubs did really well at packing the shopping and managed not to break any eggs!

Then on Sunday the two Packs joined together again to do the first of the 3 Legs Challenge hikes from Glen Maye to St Johns. The weather was a little bit windy and showers were threatened but luckily they were only very small and light . We met at the Waterfall inn and had a nice walk down through the glen before heading along the coast, a bit blustery at times but the Cubs walked really well despite this. The Cubs walked very quickly and were able to have their lunch by Corrin’s Tower before a quick play on the beach. We then headed along the Heritage Way to St Johns where lots of tired Cubs were ready to be picked up!


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