TT Races

TT Passes


The Passes have now arrived for this years TT Races. As usual some passes are only for two days (either the Saturday and the Monday or the Wednesday and the Friday). Some Passes are for all week. Please check what days your pass covers when you receive it. Everyone under the age of 18, will […]

Packing Bags for Marshals


On Sunday 12. May 2013, Scouts from both the Moddey Dhoo Troop and the Phoenix Troop helped to pack goodie Bags for the Marshals and officials who will be at this years TT, Around 1,800 bags were packed in total.

TT Scoreboards


Scouts from 2nd Onchan, will once again be helping run the Scoreboards at this years TT Races in June. If any Scout wishes to take part, names will be taken at a Scout Meeting in the next few weeks, or you can email and say what job you wish to do (Tear Off, Clocks, […]

Scouts at the TT


Scouts from both the Moddey Dhoo and Phoenix Scout Troops and the Onchan Explorers are working this week with other Island Scouts on the Scoreboards during the TT Races. Saturday went well with just a short delay, but long delays on Monday meant that we didn’t finish until after 8pm. Well done to all the […]