Thursday Beavers: WHAT A BLAST! SATURDAY 19 MARCH 2016


We had loads of fun at Laser Blast with our Lodge Leaders and Assistant Lodge Leaders. Not only was it strangely rewarding shooting the opposition, there were some lovely teamwork moments too. Special thanks to my Minion Joe for covering my back – what a team we were! THE BLAST RESULTS – There were some stand out performances, in particular the three Beavers who made it to the podium twice – Ben, Fynn and Samuel. Fynn took first place in the first game and Ben managed to steal the first spot in the second game. Team performances were equally as tense – the Blues winning the first game – Rob, Fynn, Joseph, Patrick and Juan (well done guys) and a very close second were the Reds – Jackie, Joe, Samuel, Callum and Ben. The second team game was more easily won by the Reds, this time the team were – Rob, Fynn, Joseph, Callum and Samuel. Nevermind Blues – Jackie, Joe, Patrick, Ben, and Juan – better luck next time. A fun morning – well done everyone J



It was a very special night for our Assistant Beaver Leader Rob Clynes. Rob joined Thursday Beavers a year ago, almost to the day – with his son Patrick. We had just lost one of our Leaders to the UK, and Rob answered a plea for help! He hasn’t looked back since – an epic year! Our new Beavers usually get invested into Scouting after about 5 weeks, for Leaders it can take a lot longer to complete all their necessary training – so it was great news when Rob got confirmation that his training was complete. Ash came along to invest Rob into the 2nd Onchan Scout Group – thanks Ash and many congratulations to Rob.

Beavers Sleepover


Thursday and Tuesday Beavers held a joint Sleepover on Friday 4 March. Twenty seven Beavers arrived at 7pm and 25 Beavers stayed the night. After a couple of games, to let of some excess excitement, a supper of hot chocolate and biscuits – thanks Juan’s mum for the shortbread, it was time for the Movie – Lego Star Wars!
At 11pm it was lights out and the all important sleep – after some giggling and snorting and shuffling around (and that was just the Leaders) things started to quieten down. At 1.30am there were still a couple of Beavers awake, and Leaders – but I am guessing by about 2pm we must have all dozed off.
Some of us awoke, a little chilly at about 5.38am (to be exact)! A relatively good night’s sleep for a Sleepover! By 7am most of the Beavers were awake and it was time for a breakfast of cereal and Nutella on toast!
After tidying up bags and bedding, there was just time for a few games before parents started to arrive.
Very well done to all the Beavers and Leaders – and really lovely / successful Sleepover and a great adventure, and £86.80 raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind Isle of Man – so well worth giving up a few hours sleep for.



Thursday Beavers: NEW BADGES


Over the last term Thursday Beavers (along with Rob – our Assistant Beaver Leader) have worked hard on their Space Activity Badge – some attending the Stargazing (cold) Nights in Onchan Park. We have awarded nearly 20 badges.

We have also introduced the Lodge Leader and Assistant Lodge Leader Labels to be worn on the right sleeve of their uniform. The responsibilities that go with these roles, work well towards the Teamwork Challenge Badge.

Lastly we have just finished a new badge for us at Thursday Beavers, the Navigator Staged Activity Badge (1) – again, thanks Rob. We have awarded about 10 badges and are just waiting on some final pieces of work to award the rest.




Very well done to all 13 Thursday Beavers who attended the Bowling Competition at Sure Strike in Ramsey – all on very good behaviour and some excellent bowling – very difficult with such little fingers.

Here are our Colony results, and our Lane Winners – well done to you all.

Sam – 81 – Over 7 – Lane Winners (pictured); Joseph – 81 – Over – 7 Lane Winners (pictured); Juan – 78 – Over 7 and Samuel – 63 – Over 7.

Rowan – 88 – Over 7 – Lane Winner; Callum – 60 – Over 7 ; Oliver – 59 – Over 7  and Ben – 51 – Over 7.

CM – 63 – Under 7 – Lane Winner; Sean – 59 – Under 7; Patrick – 57 – Under 7; Corben – 57 – Under 7 and Harry – 57 – Under 7.

Rowan was the overall Thursday Beaver winner and finished an amazing 3rd in the Island individual scores – well done J


Thursday Beavers: INVESTITURES – 5 FEBRUARY 2016


A huge welcome and congratulations to our four new Beavers – Dylan, Bo, Corben and Harry, who were invested into 2nd Onchan Thursday Beavers. They have all settled in really well and are making new friends and having a good time. Thank you also for the fantastic turnout of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and aunties who came along for the investiture – it was lovely to see you all and we look forward to getting to know you over the next two years. It was a lovely Investiture Ceremony, they all remembered their Promise perfectly – and we had the added bonus of a couple of solo performances – so very well done to you all. This is just the start of your adventure in Scouting!

Thursday Beavers Update


Thursday Beavers picked a beautiful evening for their visit to Douglas Head. The Beavers split into two groups and spent time at the viewing point looking over Douglas Bay and also walked round to the Manx Wildlife Trust Marine Coastal Viewing Site, just by the entrance to Marine Drive. They found out some interesting facts – that Choughs like ants and the Minke Whale likes fish!

This visit will go towards the new My Skills Challenge and My Outdoors Challenge Badges.


Thursday Beavers met back in the Scout Hall for an evening of games and Awards! We invested our five new boys who started with the Colony in September – Vinnie, Oliver, Samson, Joe and Lowian. I am delighted they have all decided to stay, and on Thursday they made their Promise and were presented with their scarfs, badges and certificates and officially became a 2nd Onchan Thursday Beaver! Congratulations and well done to you all.

It was a night of Awards as we were also very proud to present four Chief Scout’s Bronze Awards. This prestigious Award can only be achieved by Beavers who have completed all six of their Beaver Scout Challenge Awards (Promise, Friendship, Fitness, Creative, Global and Outdoor). It can take up to two years to complete these challenges and the boys have worked hard to make this happen, completing activities at home when necessary. These are the final few of the old badge scheme and were presented to Nicholas, Fynn, Ben and Joshua by our Assistant Group Scout Leader – Steve White. So massive congratulations to the boys and many thanks to Steve for presenting the Awards.



Thursday Beavers split into two groups over two weeks, spending one week in the Hall working on their Collectors, Hobbies and Sports Badges, and the other week at Hot Rocks for an evening of climbing. Hot Rocks proved a great success on both weeks!

After some clear safety instructions the Beavers and our parent helpers got kitted up ready for climbing and belaying. First to give it a try were Rowan, Samuel, Nicholas, Callum and Joseph. All the boys had a great evening, and I was really impressed by their confidence, ability and bravery.

The following week Fynn, Alex, Oliver, Ben, Joe, Sam, Caleb, Patrick and Vinnie also had a great time on the climbing walls. There was some excellent climbing and really good efforts all round. Once again I was impressed by their confidence and ability.

Many thanks to all our parent helpers for your assistance with the belaying and your encouraging words.


We finished October and another half term with a Hop Tu Naa Fancy Dress Evening. There were some scary guests and festive treats and we also had a special visitor – Vikki Orwin – a local children’s author and illustrator, who came along to meet the Beavers and read them her new story – Jetmalew’s Island Adventures. The Beavers were enthralled and had lots of questions to ask and some questions to answer.

We finished the evening by presenting a Chief Scout’s Bronze Award to Callum – so our congratulations go to Callum, and extended congratulations go to Callum’s family who are now the proud owners of a baby boy and future Beaver – Alfie.

Coming up next month we have Remembrance Day Parade and Service on Sunday 8 November and we will be defending our title in the Island Beaver Football Competition on Sunday 29 November from 1pm to 5pm at the Tommy Clucas Hall in Peel!


Thursday Beavers Update



Thursday Beavers had a great time at the Arboretum. We managed to dodge the showers as we explored the Arboretum in St John’s. There was lots of interesting things to see, but the trees were a definite favourite for Beavers and young Leaders! It is nice to see Alex settling in as an Assistant Beaver Leader in only this, his second week. He even managed a cheer from the Beavers and seems to have a good sense of order and control and they lined up for their biscuits!
Was lovely to chat to some of the new Beavers and their parents – thanks for coming along and staying to support the event. Well done everyone – a fun night!


We were very fortunate and the rain held off for the afternoon! Eight Beavers turned up at Braddan for our next Leg of the Beaver Three Legs Challenge. This was the final Leg for Joshua, Juan, Patrick, Samuel, Rowan and our Leader Rob Clynes – very well done to all you guys. You will all receive your Three Legs Challenge Badge when we are next in the Scout Hall. Well done also to Joe, Sam and Oliver for completing your first Leg of the Challenge from Braddan to Crosby! You have gained your Hikes 1 Activity Badge.

It was also a winning performance this afternoon as we completed the Leg ahead of other Colonies for the first time (we can usually be found wandering along at the back)! It was an open road ahead, and I think the threat of rain helped, along with Patrick’s determination to get there first – so extra well done to Patrick, Rowan and Oliver – the first Beavers to finish the walk!


The clouds threatened, but the odd shower didn’t spoil our fun at the Maize Maze. The Beavers, Leaders and parents had a great time trying to find the centre of the maze. Despite rumours that it was easier this year, a few participants struggled to reach their goal and some crafty short-cuts were required! Another fun evening, and another activity ticked-off the new Beaver – My Adventure Challenge!


Twelve Thursday Beavers and 9 Tuesday Beavers arrived at the Douglas Tram Station on Saturday ready to start their journey up to Ramsey to join the Cubs and Scouts at the 2nd Onchan Group Camp! We were blessed with a warm, sunny day and some very happy and excited Beavers embarking on their first sleepover adventure.


We were greeted at the Ramsey Tram Station by the Camp Organisers and two minibuses, which took the Beavers to the Crossags Campsite just past Ramsey Grammar School. There was no holding back as the Beavers went off to explore some parts of the campsite. The Onchan Explorers provided seven activity bases for the afternoon – this covered the requirements for the new Beaver Camp Craft Activity Badge. There was bivouacking, blind trail, minefield, fire lighting, backwoods cooking, putting up a tent and first aid. Then there was time for a quick game with the Cubs before burgers and sausages for tea. The day visitors were then collected by parents and those staying for the sleepover (5 from the Thursday Colony and 5 from the Tuesday Colony), grabbed their swimming kits and headed off in the minibus to Ramsey Swimming Pool. Still not tired – they spent an hour splashing around in the pool before heading back to camp. The Beavers then set up their beds, collected their cups for hot chocolate, cake and biscuits, and later joined the Cubs and Scout around the campfire for some songs and scary stories (but not too scary for Beavers)! Then it was time for bed! After some torch shining, visits to the bathroom and general excited-ness, the Beavers dropped off to sleep one by one, and all was quiet by 11pm! Not a single tear at bedtime from any of the Beavers!


The next morning it began again with breakfast of toast and sausage and cereals. There was time to pack their bags and go exploring round the campsite – looking at the building where the Cubs were sleeping and the Scout tents which were being inspected. Then it was a walk to Sure Strike Bowling with a quiz on the way, a minibus then took us back to the campsite for a baked potato lunch with cheese, beans and /or spaghetti hoops followed by choc ices. Just time for a tidy up and flag down, before the bags were taken to Ramsey Grammar School and the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts walked down the lane to be re-united with parents!


Thursday Beaver of the Camp without a doubt – Samuel C. Often overlooked as he quietly gets on with things, but his name was rarely spoken over the camp for all the right reasons – so a clear winner. However I must say Cale and Rowan (both only 6) triumphed on this their first camp – full of confidence and smiles. Fynn and Joshua both loved to explore and had a great time, and will be ready for the challenges of Cub Camp, I am sure, when they move up over the next couple of terms.

Our thanks to Steve and Will and the Onchan Explorers for organising the camp and activities – what a way for these Beavers to start their Scouting adventure, and how promising to see Beavers from the 2011 Group Camp now camping as Scouts!


Thursday Beavers – July Update



Last week Thursday Beavers met with Dawn from the Manx Wildlife Trust at Onchan Wetlands. It was a lovely evening and the Beavers were all interested to hear about the Wetlands and see some of the wildlife living there. There was a chance to observe some pond dipping and for the Beavers to take to the boardwalk.

The visit enabled some of our Beavers to complete their Global Challenge Awards, the final step in a series of challenges, and go on to earn their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.





Ash, our Group Scout Leader, presented three of our Beavers with their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. This is a highly prestigious Award, and can only be achieved by Beavers who have completed all six of their Beaver Scout Challenge Awards (Promise, Friendship, Fitness, Creative, Global and Outdoor). It can take up to two years to complete these challenges and the Beavers have to work hard to make this happen, often completing activities at home when necessary. So our massive congratulations go to Juan, Joseph and Sam. Many thanks to Ash for presenting the Awards and very well done boys!

Thursday Beavers Update


Alex CSBA 2
Many congratulations to Alex H-B on gaining his Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.
This is a highly prestigious Award, and can only be achieved by Beavers who have completed all six of their Beaver Scout Challenge Awards (Promise, Friendship, Fitness, Creative, Global and Outdoor). It can take up to two years to complete these challenges and Alex has worked really hard to make this happen, often completing activities at home when necessary. So our massive congratulations go to Alex – well done!


Teamwork 4a
The Teamwork Challenge Badge forms part of the new badge scheme which has been launched this year. We will be looking for helpful team members, those who are willing and eager to take on being a team leader or captain and Beavers working together to complete a challenge or activity.
Thursday Beavers were recently challenged to build a tower or structure using spaghetti and marshmallows! They completed these in their Lodges, working as a team! There was some good team work going on, and especially team leadership from Alex, and there was also some individual work happening too. Well done to all the Lodges for your magnificent structures and teamwork.


Water 1
As part of the 2015 Beaver Challenge – Beavers were asked to hold an evening on a Crazy Theme. We asked the Beavers what they would like the theme to be – crazy hair, crazy water, crazy dance – were just a few of the ideas. After a vote – you guessed – crazy water won!
We started the evening with pass the balloon (and be careful not to burst it)! Then the Beavers had a bit of practice for sports day and had to fill a jug with water using a plastic cup with holes in the bottom! Unfortunately most of the water ended up on the two Cubs who were helping out by holding the jugs! The Cubs got their own back and emptied some of the water over the Beavers.
The evening finished with the water gun fight – where most of the Colony ended up with a good soaking!

Water 6


FunDay 1
Island Beavers took the Steam Train to Castletown, had lunch and a play in the park, and took the Steam Train back to Douglas. Despite the overcast start to the day, the sun came out and it was a lovely day for the trip. Eleven Beavers, one Scout, two parents and two Leaders from Thursday Beavers took part in the event. The boys were all well behaved on the train and enjoyed a picnic in Poulsom Park on their arrival. This was followed by games of cricket and football, and playing around the skate park and bmx track. After a couple of hours we packed up and headed back to the station to catch the train home. It was a lovely trip and the Beavers all seemed to have a great time. Our thanks to Big Beaver – Bev for organising the trip, our parent helpers and Leaders and well done to Thursday Beavers.

Fun Day 7FunDay 2