Subs Outstanding


We still have a few members who haven’t paid their Subs for this term. Leaders do appreciate it if Subs are paid on time as they would rather concentrate their efforts in running meetings rather than chasing money. If you are unsure if you have paid or not ask your Leader as they will have […]

Subs Reminder


A subtle reminder that this terms Subs need to be paid by the end of the month. Subs can be paid at a Section Meeting, posted to your Leader or paid online by BACS. Details of how to pay by BACS can be found here.

Subs – Summer 2014


Subs are now due for the 2014 Summer Term. Subs Forms are available here and also in the Scout Hall. We would be grateful if parents could ensure Subs are paid by the end of May 2014. Don’t forget you can now pay your Subs by BACS.


All Subs by members should have been paid by today. If yours are still outstanding please ensure that they are paid as soon as possible, to save the Leaders having to chase them.

Subscriptions Due


Subs for the this coming term will be due from the 1. January 2014. These Subs cover the period from the 1. January 2014 to the 11. April 2014. Subs can be paid by cheque, cash (please ask for a receipt if paying by cash) or by BACS. Details of how to pay by BACS […]