Manannan Packs Maughold Camp


Over the 23rd-25th May Manannan Cubs help a camp in Maughold, camping in a field by the Venture Centre. On the Friday night cubs battled the rain to put up their tents before going on a short walk to the beach before heading up to Ramsey Scout Hall to watch a film. We then braved the night in the tents as the rain had cleared.


Saturday morning, a nice early start saw us head to the scout hall for breakfast before a playing in Mooragh park. We then headed back to the venture centre for the day’s activities. Before lunch everybody had a go at the assault course and on the zip wire. A few cubs got a soaking in the tunnels by Akela so it was then time to dry off before some hot dogs and soup for lunch. The afternoon started by everyone abseiling down the wall first and then the brave ones (including Mark!) tackling the tree. After this we split into 2 groups to do air rifle shooting and archery. Following the full day of activities it was time to head for our BBQ tea (even though it was raining!!!). After lots of burgers and sausages had been consumed we played a few more games and watched some more films. Lots of tired cubs fell asleep during the films so we headed back to our tents and fell asleep listening to the heavy rain outside.

Sunday morning started off much nicer with the weather though it was the day the cubs were going to get wet on the lake kayaking and canoeing anyway! After a later breakfast it was time to head out onto the lake, where cubs went around the lake and onto the island in the middle as well as playing some games in their canoes and kayaks. There were a few capsizes and falling in but good fun was had by all! After lunch it was time to head back to the campsite to pack away and take down the tents. After the site was clear the sun decided to come out so cubs had a good game of football together and then we headed back to Mooragh park where parents picked up lots of tired and happy cubs!

Moddey Dhoo at Watertrough


imageOver the weekend of the 21st February, Moddey Dhoo Tuesday Night Scouts enjoyed a two night camp at the Watertrough cottage.

After picking sleeping spaces, unpacking roll mats and settling down, the Scouts hiked to the back of South Barrule Plantation. On the way we stopped to look at the stars as it was an especially clear night and offered a great view of more stars than many of the lads had ever seen. After a further short walk the Scouts took out the Trangia Stoves they were carrying and boiled water to make Tesco Value cup a soups. Unfortunately the scouts did not appear to particularly enjoy the budget supper with many asking if they could have Heinz!


After a good night’s sleep the Scouts all got up at 7am on Saturday morning to eat breakfast before the Venture Centre picked them up and took them to Maughold. What followed was a day of air rifle shooting, archery, abseiling, the assault course and a crate stacking challenge. David H. was the best shooter while Alex R. was the best crate stacker coming first and second after taking part twice.

Upon returning to cottage the Scouts ate a dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and went out for a team wide game. In between rounds of the game the camp fire was prepared and the Scouts roasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate.

Once it was too dark and cold to stay outside the Scouts retreated to the cottage to play cards and go to bed.

On Sunday after another good night’s sleep, the scouts went to Ape Mann to take part on a low rope course and zip line. Following more hot chocolate the scouts packed their bags, built bivouacs and went home.

The camp was designed for the Scouts and so I have left the scouts to outline their highlights below.

imageDavid H. On the Watertrough Cottage Camp I enjoyed going to Ape Mann as it was a bit challenging and something new. Unfortunately I did hit my back on the second time around the course which made me feel a bit ill, this made me not want to go on the zip line as it would not be pretty and the hot chocolate, a lot better than Tesco Value soup also made a bit more like a hot watery cup.

When we went to the Venture Centre I enjoyed the air rifle shooting. I liked that they had new air rifles; they were actually calibrated this time, which meant I got a good score of a disputed 72-74 points out of a possible 80. The assault course was fun and the wide games we played at the hut (which had no electricity) was a bit uncomfortable when I had a rock sticking into my side the entire 15 minutes we were hiding. When I got caught hiding in my combat jacket and trousers the second round of hiding I went and roasted some starburst which was surprisingly nice. The worst thing about the camp was the sleeping conditions. I had to lie on a hard roll mat and my pillow was wet so I had to go without it. I thoroughly enjoyed the camp but next time I need to remember to bring some hand warmers and not to forget to bring a new roll mat, also bring some Heinz beans, I am not as happy with Tesco Value beans but they are ok but Heinz are better.

I give the camp 9/10. Laser Mayhem… you are ALWAYS busy it seems.

Tom J. On the camp I expressly liked the Venture Centre, the Ape Man and THE BEANS. Also the coal fire was warm also I loved my Jaffa’s. The soup was mank, Marks cooking made Tesco taste like M&S. I slept quite well. I enjoyed the camp.

Sam N, This camp was fun. We did lots of fun actually for instance on Friday night we went for a hike and cooked some horrible soup on a Trangia. On Saturday we went to the Venture Centre to do air rifle shooting, archery, assault course, abseiling, climbing wall & crate stacking.

On Sunday we went to Ape Mann to go on the course, zip wire and go up a tree. There was hot chocolate. We slept on shelves and it was reasonably warm. We also played tons of cards. The bad thing was we spent two days going to a portaloo.

Magnus B. My favourite part was at the venture centre and Mann Ape although Luke made me fall it was fun.

Adam C. On the camp we had a ton of fun like the venture centre and wide games and food like bolognaise and really bad Tesco Value soup

Luke S. It was fun. I enjoyed Go Ape. I also enjoyed playing Blackjack. The cottage was freezing until we lit the fire.

Alex R. The camp was great. We did so many fun things, like high ropes, crate stacking and cards. It was fun because we were on bunks and there was a big ladder. I liked everything even the Jaffa’s.

Elliot N. On this camp we had a blast going to the Venture Centre and we learnt how to play Blackjack. I’d prefer it if we didn’t have Tesco Value.

The forest was good even when I fell in the river. The Jaffa Cakes were awesome.

Archie S. I enjoyed the wide games and the car games. I also enjoyed the ape Mann and the venture centre. The cottage was warm when the fire was going.



Manannan Cubs – Ramsey Camp


Over the weekend 24th – 26th May, Manannan Cubs held a Cub Camp in Ramsey.  We all met on Friday Night at Ramsey Grammar School and walked up to Albert Tower, it was a lovely sunny Friday evening.  It did not take long to get to the top and once we reached the top of the hill, we stopped for a juice break.  After 10 minutes or so we started to walk down into Ramsey, along the way we stopped and played a couple of Man Hunt games.  We arrived back at the Scout Hall around 9.30pm and then decided to watch a film.


Saturday Morning all the Cubs were up nice & early, after Breakfast, we went and played in the park before having a game of Danish Longball.  The main activities for the day were at the Venture Centre which consisted of abseiling, air rifle, archery and the assault course.  All the Cubs had a fantastic time.  Once we got back into Ramsey we had a swim / paddle in the sea (it was very cold) and then played Danish Long Ball before having a BBQ Dinner, followed by Football and more Danish Long Ball.  We then walked back to the Scout Hall where we watched a film before going to bed.


Sunday Morning and the sun was out again, we were kayaking and canoeing this morning, all the Cubs got wet but that made the activities more enjoyable.  Once everyone had got dried we, had lunch and then played Danish Long Ball for the final time before everyone heading home.  All the Cubs had smiles all round and was a fantastic Cub Camp.


North West Patrol Leaders Camp


Four members of Scout Network Ellan Vannin, will be leading a contingent of twelve Scouts to the North West Regional Patrol Leaders camp, between 12-14th of July.

The camp will be held over 3 days at Waddecar Scout centre, Lancashire and will consist of various fun competitions and challenges and will give the patrol leaders the opportunity to interact with 500+ Scouts for across the North West of the UK.

Selection weekend for this trip will be held on Saturday 16th March 2013.

Further details can be found on this leaflet.