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Activity Wear – Hurry

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All orders for 2nd Onchan Activity wear need to be in by the 31. May 2015, so we can place our order with our suppliers on the 1. June. We wont be placing another order for T-Shirts, Polo Shirts and Hoodies until November.

Activity Wear Info can be found here.

2nd Onchan Activity Wear


We will be placing one of our twice yearly orders for 2nd Onchan T-Shirts, Polo Shirts and Hoodies at the end of May 2015. These items are great for use on camps and other Scouting activities.

Order Forms are available in the Scout Hall and we have an Order Form Post Box in the Cloaks area of the hall, where you can leave any activity wear orders.

You can also download an order form here.

Activity Wear – Now Online


You can now order 2nd Onchan T-Shirts and Hoodies online without having to wait for us to put in an order every six months. Delivery will be direct to your door. We have tweaked the design a little bit too, the same logo is on the back, but we have changed the logo on the front. Check out the online shop here.

Activity Wear Deadline


A reminder that the deadline for placing an order for 2nd Onchan T-Shirts, Hoodies & Polo Shirts is the 31. May 2013. Order Forms are available in the Scout Hall or can be downloaded from our Website. Full details and the Order Form can be found here.

Activity Wear Orders


The deadline for our next Activity Wear Order is fast approaching. We only place an order twice a year, so if you want to order a 2nd Onchan T-Shirt, Polo Shirt or Hoodie, you need to get your order in by the 31. October 2012. Full details and an order form can be found here.