Photo Galleries

On this page you will find photo galleries of various activities from over the years. Some galleries contain hundreds of photos. All galleries will open in a new window. More photos will be added, so keep checking back.


Beavers & Cubs with the Chief Scout (27 photos).

Beavers at the 2013 Group Camp (83 photos).

Waddecar 2013 (630 photos).


Narrowboat Camp around the Stourport Ring (642 photos).

Manannan Packs May 2012 Malew Camp (280 photos).


Thursday & Sunday Beaver Scouts Christmas Party at the Fun Barn (31 photos).

Group 50th Birthday Camp Crossags, Ramsey, Isle of Man (112 photos).

Manannan Cubs at Ardwhallan (153 photos).

Thursday Beavers Various activities and meetings (154 photos).

Scouts Summer Camp Peel, Isle of Man (958 photos).

Manannan Cubs Older Boys Camp (154 photos).

Manannan Cubs Ramsey Camp (385 photos).

Manannan Cubs Eary Cushlin Camp (66 photos).

Cubs Scouts at Camelot (42 photos).

Moddey Dhoo Scouts at Ardwhallan (159 photos).



Group Camp at Littledale, Lancashire (742 photos).

Thursday Beaver Scouts various activities (88 photos).

Manannan Cubs Ardwhallan Camp March(151 photos).

Manannan Cubs Ardwhallan Camp November(159 photos).

Island Cub Camp at St. Johns(18 photos).



Scouts Summer Camp in Peel (520 photos).

Island Cub Scout Camp at St. Johns (40 photos).

Manannan Cub Scouts at Ardwhallan (37 photos).

Manannan Cub Scouts Sixers Camp (49 photos).

Manannan Cub Scouts Watertrough Cottage Camp (18 photos).



Group Camp at Waddecar, Lancashire (716 photos)



World Scout Jamboree at Hylands Park in Essex (1,209 Photos).



Group Camp at Great Tower, Cumbria (520 photos).



Red Rose International Camp at Waddecar (242 photos).



Youth Hostelling Wales, Coalbrookdale, Chester (149 photos).



Scout Hall Extension (120 photos).



Youth Hostelling Lake District, Cumbria (261 photos).



Peak 2000 International Camp in Derbyshire (76 photos)

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