Wind Machines


Scouts in the Phoenix Troop were tasked to bring along to their Scout Meeting on Friday 17. February 2012, a machine that they have designed and built and capable of being blown along the length of the Scout Hall by an industrial fan kindly provided by Ace Hire & Sales. A wide variety of imagedifferent machines were bought in by the Scouts. Each machine was given two attempts to go as far as possible  along the scout Hall floor, blown by the fan, then the Scouts were given 15 minutes to modify their machines as they wished, before a further two runs took place. Winner of all four runs was Joe B. with his wind machine made out of cereal packets. The winner of the Leaders choice for innovative design when to Joel W, with his tiny little Wind Machine, which included a propeller that didn’t actually do anything. The final prize went to Thomas C, as his design looked a little like a pirate ship and the Leaders liked that.

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