Term Subs Now Due

imageMembership Subscriptions for the current term are now due. The first child pays £25.00 and any other members from the same family will pay a reduced Subscription of £20.00.

Subs help to pay for the running of the Scout Group and includes; the yearly Capitation Fee which we have to pay to the Scout Association, this is currently over £28.00 for each and every member of the Group.

Download the Form here.

Please ensure Subs are paid by the 31. January 2018.

Unfortunately we do struggle to get Subs off a few members. Leaders would rather put their time into running activities than chasing late payers. We will now assume that if subs are not paid by the date shown below, membership is no longer required and will therefore be terminated. Scouting however is for all, irrespective of financial means, if you are struggling to pay your child’s Subs, please speak to a Leader in confidence.

Summer Term Subs Due



Subs are now due for the up coming term. Subs Forms can be downloaded from this website or can be found at the Scout Hall.

We would be grateful if parents can make sure their child’s subs are paid no later than the 15. May 2017.

You will also find our Activity Wear Order Form attached to the download.

Subs Due

imageSubs for the upcoming term become due from the 1. September 2016. We ask that parents ensure that their child’s subs are paid as soon as possible and by no later than the 30. September 2016.

You can download the Subs Form here.

We would also like to remind parents (and youth members) what we ask of all members of 2nd Onchan.

What we ask of our members:

We don’t ask a lot of our members, but we do ask the following:

  •  They attend regular weekly meetings.
  •  They wear the correct uniform (details on our website).
  •  They pay their Term Subscriptions before the cut off date.
  •  They attend St. Georges Day Parade (usually in April), Civic Sunday (usually in May or June) and Remembrance Sunday (in November).
  •  They take part in our weekend activities where possible.
  •  They support, with their families, our fund raising and social events.

Further details can be found here.

Subscriptions Due

Subscriptions are now due for all youth members of the Group. Subs for this term covers the period 13. April to the 31. August 2015. We would be grateful if parents could ensure that Subs are paid before the 30. April 2015. Forms can be downloaded here. You can also pay Subs by BACS, further details of which can be found here.

Subs Forms are available from all Leaders and are also located in the dispenser which can be found in the cloaks area in the Scout Hall.


Subs Due

imageSubscriptions for the Spring Term are now due. Subs can be paid by Cash (ask for a receipt) Cheque or BACS. Payment of Subs should be made by the end of January 2015, for membership in the Scout Group to continues.

Subs help to pay for the running of the Group and cover things such as the Capitation we have to pay the Scout Association for each member, as well as the running costs we have for our Scout Hall.

The Groups Fundraising efforts and the moneys we receive from renting our hall out to other users, keeps our subs around 50% below what they otherwise would be.

Subs Outstanding


We still have a few members who haven’t paid their Subs for this term. Leaders do appreciate it if Subs are paid on time as they would rather concentrate their efforts in running meetings rather than chasing money. If you are unsure if you have paid or not ask your Leader as they will have a record.  Subs Forms are available to download from this website and paper versions are in the hall. Membership could be terminated if Subs aren’t paid.

Scouting is for all and if a parent is struggling to pay the Subscription Fee,  they can talk to their child’s Leader in confidence.