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Cubs Five-a-Side Football Report

The annual Cub Scout Football Competition took place on Sunday 2nd September 2007, at Castle Rushen Astro Turf. There were 8 teams that took part and 3 of those were from 2nd Onchan. Two teams from Snaefell Pack and the one team from Mannanan Pack. There were two groups and 2nd Onchan Snaefell ‘S Team’ and 2nd Onchan Mannanan were in one group while 2nd Onchan Snaefell ‘P Team’ were in the other group. 2nd Onchan Snaefell S lost all their games in their group, while Mannanan won most of their games. 2nd Onchan Snaefell P won all their games and thrashing their opponents. One game they won 6-0. Stood at the top of one group was 2nd Onchan Snaefell P and second in the other group was 2nd Onchan Mannanan and in 4th place was 2nd Onchan Snaefell S.

As there was only 8 teams all the teams were automatically entered into the quarter finals. Unfortunately Snaefell P lost 2-0 in their game, but played really well, while 2nd Onchan S lost their game as well, to penalties. 2nd Onchan Mannanan made it to the Semi-finals loosing 1-0. The eventual winners of the competition were 5th Douglas. But well done to all those who took part and to the head coaches (Andrew, Peter and Robert) for coaching the teams brilliantly.

Report by Andrew Galka (ACSL)